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cadence.capital is a private single family office ("SFO") focused on the disciplined growth of operating companies, class A real estate and select venture capital investments. Since cadence uses only its own capital, avoids irresponsible levels of debt and retains a very lean/experienced management team, we make only a few select investments at a time to add the most value. While cadence.capital ultimately seeks to be successful across all investments, we do not have the same structural pressures of typical private equity firms or strategic buyers and are able to make decisions in the best long term interests of the company and its employees. Entrepreneurs and exiting business owners who choose to partner with cadence.capital should expect we will be a responsible steward of their life's work in business.

cadence.capital is an experienced investor with a long time transaction advisory team dedicated toward prompt, discrete closings. Our banks, attorneys and accountants understand the sensitive nature of private equity investment as well as the various issues often present with family businesses. We are experienced M&A professionals and able to work quickly and decisively under mutually agreeable terms to facilitate an investment.


cadence.capital differentiates itself from most other company OWNERS. Unlike many private equity firms, cadence.capital does not pursue short term ownership strategies - we invest for the long term. It is not our intent to “flip” companies or capitalize them in a manner which puts at risk the underlying value of the business (or any of its constituents). Unlike many investment funds, we do not have a fixed investment time frame and do not have outside investors which might pressure the untimely exit of a business. We do, however, seek to grow our businesses as quickly as profitable market opportunities allow and reward our employees for outstanding performance.

As company OPERATORS, we further differentiate ourselves by taking an active role in the management and growth of our investments. We are not passive owners and are happy to spend time on the floor, with customers or suppliers, or wherever needed to serve the best interests of the company. In addition, we do not have a collective lifestyle to support and we return a meaningful percentage of capital to the business through capital improvements and R&D to preserve the ongoing viability of a company.


For all company owners considering the sale of their company, we realize this is an important decision for you and your employees. If you decide retirement or other ownership/management transition is a few years out, we would urge you to consider the factors leading up to the sale of the business in the near future. You and your partners/employees have a tremendous knowledge base that likely comprises much of the present value of your company. By ensuring there is an appropriate and thoughtful transition period to new ownership (with your direct involvement), the company will retain greater value and experience less disruption.


We will consider finder fees to qualified intermediaries for introductions that result in a consummated transaction.

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