cadence.capital believes every company becomes stronger and better through mastery of broad performance metrics such as financial expertise, zero-based accounting, operational efficiencies/KPI, a professionally managed supply chain, a customer solution-focus, fact-based decisions and consistently achieving the highest quality in all manner of products and services.

Development of quality personnel

cadence.capital develops strong leadership, cross-trained teams and long-term career growth. We have a demonstrable history of supporting, retaining and rewarding key employees. These individuals represent the reason a customer is loyal to a product and can lift a company from mediocre to world-class. cadence.capital believes strongly that continuity and consistency of such employees are essential to the future success of the company. Therefore, it is generally our intent to retain key employees of the company whenever appropriate.


cadence.capital expects to maintain growth and profitability independent of business cycles and without excessive financial engineering or deferring CAPEX or New Product Development.


Private Equity

cadence.capital generally seeks to acquire manufacturing companies with branded products and/or an engineering component as well as service companies with a clear potential to scale. We will also consider value-add distribution companies.

Some operating company investments of interest to cadence.capital are (but not limited to) :

  • Commercial or industrial liquid or air filtration equipment (manufacturing or distribution)
  • Filter cartridge manufacturer (air, liquid or gas filtration)
  • Reverse osmosis and desalination equipment manufacturer (residential, commercial or industrial)
  • Chemical filtration equipment, cartridge manufacturing, pressure vessel manufacturing, filter skid manufacturing, etc.
  • Fiberglass pipe manufacturer
  • Flow control (manufacturing or distribution)
  • General Manufacturing – No MACHINE SHOPS unless they build proprietary products, not just parts for other companies
  • Pet products
  • Branded food product companies

We prefer companies with a minimum of $1.0m of EBITDA for new platforms, but will gladly consider smaller companies if they complement current investments or are unique situations.

In all cases, we prefer recurring purchasing patterns for products and services, a clear opportunity to scale, differentiated leadership and a demonstrated ability to compete on attributes other than price.


Class A Industrial Real Estate in select locations within United States demonstrating high demand, business growth and outstanding quality and location. While we typically invest directly, we have also worked with some of the largest and most respected real estate private equity firms, developers and leasing agencies. We also work with experienced local operators and property managers.

While Cadence prefers stabilized real estate, we are open to (and experienced with!) real estate opportunities in which development and/or leasing risk is a component of unlocking full investment value.


cadence.capital is an accredited Angel Investor with the intent and resources to help move a new company from idea to proof of concept to a successful Series A with established institutional/traditional venture capital firms.

Some of our basic venture capital investment criteria include:

  • A clean, relatively straightforward term sheet and cap table
  • We must love the product, team and opportunity
  • Easy to understand, but non-obvious business plan
  • Clear path to measurable profits in timely manner
  • Cost driven ROI
  • Ideally a referral to us through an experienced industry professional able to verify the viability of the opportunity

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